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Epoxy Coatings



UNIPAINT FACTORY offers a wide variety of two component epoxy coatings for various applications. Epoxies are widely used in industrial and specialty coatings and are very versatile; they offer a variety of benefits that are advantageous for use as a basecoat and a topcoat. They exhibit excellent adhesion, and are acid, alkali and solvent resistance.

UNIPAINT FACTORY epoxies offer abrasion resistance as well as corrosion and chemical resistance. Many can be used for immersion service. Epoxies are the hardest coatings and can be used to paint commercial floors as well as masonry and metals. The two components are mixed together immediately prior to use and should be applied by a professional. 

Excellent chemical and solvent resistance
Excellent abrasion resistance
Excellent corrosion resistance
Immersion service
Excellent adhesion
2 component
Application: Brush, Roll or Spray