• Paint Manufacturer: UNITEX EMULSION PAINT


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Precisely Suites All Your Needs: 

  • Strong Coverage​
  • Colorful Choices
  • Budgeting Cost

Makes Your Home Fresh!

  • A high quality product targeting for exterior and interior use
  • It’s excellent coverage and strong adhesion provides a durable and attractive smooth matte finish on wall surfaces, meanwhile to protect it from mold & fungus

Painting Solutions

To achieve a professional-looking outcome, here are some guidelines on how and where to start your next paint job.

Step 1: Ceiling

Always paint the ceiling first to avoid dripping on walls and floor. For an event coat, paint across the short width of the ceiling.

Step 2: Wall

Paint borders first and work downwards. It is advisable to start from the brightly lit areas near to windows and paint away from light. This makes it easier to see where you have just painted.

Step 3: Window & Door

Before you start, mask areas not to be painted like hinges, knobs or latches. For windows, paint the inner frame first, the other frames last. For doors, paint any mold first, then the panels, the horizontal and vertical segments and the edges last.

Step 4: Floor

Paint the floor last, after the walls and trims have dried thoroughly. To get the best results, ensure you vacuum and wipe the floor clean of dirt before painting.

Surface Preparation

  • Ensure the surface to be painted is clean
    Remove all loose or powdery by brushing or scraping with a stiff fiber brush under running water or with a high pressure water jet
  • Areas affected by mold, lichen or moss must be treated with Fungicidal Wash
    Repair defects with a suitable filler
  • Seal the wall with UNIPAINT WALL SEALER where alkalinity is present 
  • Do not apply Wall Sealer on walls where moisture content is high, during wet weather and powdery surface arise from wall putty or joint compound
  • Recommended painting specification requires the moisture content of the walls to below 16% measured by Protimeter and alkalinity of the wall to be below pH9

Application Data:

  • Touch Dry: 15 minutes, dependent on temperature and humidity
  • Re-coating Interval: 1 - 2 hours
  • Theoretical Coverage: 10 - 13 m^2 / liter, dependent on substrate condition
  • No. of Coats: 2 - 3 coats
    Direction For Use

Stir well before use

  • Application can be by brush roller or spray
    For best results, thinning is not required
    If necessary, thin up to a maximum of 10% water
  • Clean all equipment with clean water immediately after use

Additional Details