• Industrial Paint: Uni Zinc Chromate Primer


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How does Uni Zinc Chromate Primer work?

Uni Zinc Chromate Primer is usually sprayed on in a paint booth, where it acts as a primer to defend zinc plated metal or aluminum alloys having zinc. It works by reacting with the surface of the metal when it gets damp. Once the moisture goes through it, the primer starts to dissolve and produces a shield, or passive layer, between the metal and the primer which protects form corrosion. After some time, the UNI ZINC CHROMATE PRIMER dissolves fully and the metal starts to corrode.

What are the applications of Uni Zinc Chromate Primer?

  • The most common use of Uni Zinc Chromate Primer is as a corrosion inhibitor.​
  • Its use as a corrosion resistant agent was used in aluminum alloy parts initially in commercial aircraft, later in military aircrafts also.
  • Uni Zinc Chromate Primer is commonly sprayed in paint booths to prevent corrosion.
  • Even though it is used in automotive industries, from 2000, less toxic replacements are preferred due to its toxic effects.