About Us

Welcome to Unipaint Factory

For over 44 years, Unipaint Factory has turned many customers’ dreams in design and decor into a reality.

From Humble Beginnings Since 1972

Founded way back since 1972, Unipaint Factory Sdn Bhd (commonly shortened as Unipaint) is a well-established Malaysian owned paint manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler. Located along the Jalan Besar Sungai Bakap, Penang, Unipaint Factory started its humble beginnings in the industrial, hardware and real estate sector. Over the years, the company has grown substantially in the industrial trade, and has become a synonymous with  “Industrial Coating” in the paint industry of Malaysia.

A Trusted Paint Manufacturer And Supplier

At Unipaint Factory, we are all passionate about our paint business, innovative paint products and more importantly the customer satisfaction. Due to the high commitment and management standards set by our management and employees, Unipaint Factory has become a reliable and trusted paint manufacturer in Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak.

First-Class Of Talent, Management, Technology, And Service

Continuous improvement (KAIZEN) demonstrates the commitment and dedication towards our work here at Unipaint Factory. In fact, we are fundamentally seeking to improve everything when working with our customers and partners – whether a process, a mechanism, a procedural flow and many others. That is how Unipaint Factory is progressing, and we pride ourselves on being awarded the ISO 9001-2008 certification in 2013 that achieved the international requirements of a rigorous quality management system.

Unipaint And Bryton Paint:

High Quality Paint Products At Competitive Prices specializing in industrial coating, wood finishing, protective coating and car paint, Unipaint Factory provides innovative solutions to many manufacturers, small-and-medium industries and large corporations throughout Malaysia at very competitive prices. Our products have passed strict test by required SIRIM QAS which guarantee their technical performance, durability and reliability.

As A Reliable And Trusted Paint Manufacturer

Unipaint Factory offers an extensive range of high quality industrial coatings that protect:

  • Steel and metal​
  • Wood material
  • Industrial equipment
  • Manufactured goods

Industrial Metal Main Industrial Coatings:

Coating a surface protects steel and metal from corrosion which results from environmental exposure. At Unipaint Factory, our customers (from commercial, industrial, and residential segment) have access to a wide variety of Unipaint products that significantly improve durability to withstand Malaysian weather conditions without compromising on artistic properties to the materials.

Wood Finishing:

Coating a wood accentuates the attractiveness of wood surface, providing the surface a noble appearance. At Unipaint Factory, we provide wood finishing service for both residential and commercial interiors throughout Malaysia. In particular, our wood finishing works can be applied to fine furniture, cabinetry, decorative wooden objects and architectural interiors.

Paint Colour Q & A

Unipaint Factory is proud to be one of the key players in the paint industry, providing Malaysians with the most innovative products and solutions available today, including the widely known Unipaint products.

If you are uncertain about whether a dark blue for a bath room and/or in a dilemma to choose between a warm green or soft red for a living area, our in-house specialists are more than happy serve you at Unipaint Factory. You can visit our website and/or contact us through phone or email.